Books for Mental Health Awareness Month

By Coll Rowe | April 11 2024 | Psychology

For Mental Health Awareness Month in May, we are sharing books to educate and raise awareness about mental health and the various factors that may affect it, and to provide tools and resources for student wellness. Find our full collection of titles here.

The Anxious Generation
How the Great Rewiring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness
From New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Coddling of the American Mind, an essential investigation into the collapse of youth mental health—and a plan for a healthier, freer childhood.
$30.00 US
Mar 26, 2024
400 Pages
Penguin Press

The Cure for Burnout
How to Find Balance and Reclaim Your Life
“An empowering guidebook to combatting burnout . . . Emily Ballesteros’s advice is useful and practical, especially for young workers eager to reclaim their time and energy.” —Charles Duhigg, New York Times bestselling author of The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better
$28.00 US
Feb 13, 2024
272 Pages
The Dial Press

How Not to Kill Yourself
A Portrait of the Suicidal Mind

An intimate, insightful, at times even humorous blend of memoir and philosophy that examines why the thought of death is so compulsive for some while demonstrating that there’s always another solution—from the acclaimed writer and philosophy professor, based on his viral essay, “I’m Still Here.”

$19.00 US
Mar 26, 2024
464 Pages

The Biology of Kindness
Six Daily Choices for Health, Well-Being, and Longevity
How kindness—and other prosocial behaviors toward others—can help us live longer and healthier lives.
$24.95 US
Mar 19, 2024
264 Pages
The MIT Press

The Science of Stuck
Breaking Through Inertia to Find Your Path Forward

Licensed psychotherapist Britt Frank, LSCSW shares her therapeutic framework that enables individuals to move from feeling stuck to flexible, curious, and enlivened.

$18.00 US
Jul 11, 2023
272 Pages

Building a Life Worth Living
A Memoir
Marsha Linehan tells the story of her journey from suicidal teenager to world-renowned developer of the life-saving behavioral therapy DBT, using her own struggle to develop life skills for others.
$20.00 US
Jan 05, 2021
384 Pages
Random House Trade Paperbacks

The Edge of Every Day
Sketches of Schizophrenia
Against the starkly beautiful backdrop of Anchorage, Alaska, where she grew up, Marin Sardy weaves an extraordinarily affecting, fiercely intelligent account of the shapeless thief—the schizophrenia—that kept her mother immersed in a world of private delusion and later also manifested in her brother, ultimately claiming his life.
$17.00 US
Apr 28, 2020
304 Pages

Defining Mental Disorder
Jerome Wakefield and His Critics
Philosophers discuss Jerome Wakefield's influential view of mental disorder as "harmful dysfunction," with detailed responses from Wakefield himself.
$110.00 US
Feb 16, 2021
640 Pages
The MIT Press