Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page for the Penguin Random House Higher Education site.

If you cannot find an answer to your questions on this page, please email us at:

Desk and exam copies will be fulfilled via eBook whenever possible, providing one-year access to the title. While the majority of PRH titles are available as an ebook, some may not be due to copyright, heavy illustrations or licensing agreements. If no eBook is available, we will alternatively send a print copy  to qualified adopters.

Exam & Desk Copy Requests

A desk copy is a book sent free of charge to an instructor when that book has been adopted and is a required purchase for students enrolled in a specific course. It is meant to help assist the professor in preparing for class and teaching throughout the semester. Our policy is to provide instructors with one desk copy of an adopted book regardless of whether the course is taught regularly and requires the book each time.

Exam (examination) copies are available to college professors or instructors seeking titles to review for adoption consideration. There is a nominal fee associated with exam copies and orders are limited to 10 exam copies per instructor per calendar year.

We are pleased to provide complimentary desk copies of any text that has been adopted and is a required purchase for a course. One desk copy is available for every twenty copies ordered. However, Penguin Random House will honor requests for a single desk copy for seminars and graduate courses with a minimum enrollment of ten students. If the class size falls below ten, exam copies are available for purchase at a nominal cost.

Penguin Random House does not ship desk copies to residences; they must be mailed care of your institution.

Desk copies may be ordered ONLINE using our desk copy request form:

Sending in your request online ensures that it is processed as quickly as possible, and also makes your request easier to track. You will receive an email confirmation of your request with an order number. Please refer to that order number should you need to follow-up on your request.

For international desk and exam copy requests, please email

Oftentimes, orders are misplaced in the university mailroom or picked up by other instructors. Please check around your department and campus mailroom before ordering another desk copy. If you are unable to locate your shipment, please contact

If you placed your desk copy order online, you should have received a confirmation email with an order number shortly after submitting the request. Please include this order number in your message to us. If you did not place your desk copy order online, please indicate whether your request was sent via fax or letter, and the approximate date on which it was sent.

If you need more than 5 desk copies of a title for a class of over 100 students, please email your request to:

Exam copies are available to college professors or instructors seeking titles to review for adoption consideration, and may be ordered in the following ways:



Exam copies may be ordered online with a credit card using our exam copy request form:

Sending in your request online ensures that it is processed as quickly as possible, and also makes your request easier to track.



Our online form is always the recommended method of ordering, as exam copy requests sent via mail take longer to process and may delay the arrival of your order.

Should you choose to order by mail, requests in writing can be made on college letterhead stating the name and ISBN of the title, your course name and expected enrollment. Please make checks or money orders (no cash) payable to Penguin Random House LLC. Requests on college letterhead should be sent to:

Penguin Random House Academic Services

1745 Broadway, 12-1

New York, NY 10019




Exam Copy Fees:

  • Paperbacks (under $20.00) are $3.00 each
  • Paperbacks (at or over $20.00) are 50% off
  • All hardcovers are 50% off the retail price

To order Canadian exam copies, please click here

For international desk and exam copy requests, please email

Exam copies are available to college professors or instructors seeking titles to review for adoption consideration at the following prices:

  • Paperbacks (under $20.00) are $3.00 each
  • Paperbacks (at or over $20.00) are 50% off
  • All hardcovers are 50% off the retail price

Exam copies of books which have been published may be purchased at any time.

All desk copy requests are subject to confirmation and approval. We must be able to confirm that the book you are requesting is a required title for your students and that your institution’s bookstore has placed an order for student copies. If an order cannot be verified at the time of your request, we will ask you to resubmit your desk copy form at a later date.

Please wait to order forthcoming titles until their month of publication.

Yes. Please contact us at to request an eBook exam copy.

For international desk and exam copy requests, please email

At this time we are unable to provide desk or exam copies of audio book editions.

Please allow 7-10 business days for your desk or exam copies to arrive; all requests are subject to availability.

Unfortunately, we’re only able to expedite orders if a previous shipment was sent and never arrived. Due to the large number of requests we receive, we ask that desk copy requests be placed well in advance of when they are needed for a course.

If you placed your desk copy order online, you will receive a confirmation email with an order number shortly after submitting the request. If you did not receive this email, then it is likely we did not receive your order.

If you believe your order has not gone through, please review the required fields on our desk copy request form; if any of the book or shipping information is missing, your request will not be processed. Make sure that you have entered the ISBN 13 correctly and in the appropriate format. ISBNs should be entered with or without dashes.

Please also confirm using our search engine that the book you are requesting is published by Penguin Random House. If you are unable to find the book searching by title, author, or ISBN, then it is likely sold by another publisher, who you will need to contact directly.

Please note that our desk copy request form is for US orders only. The Canadian Academic request form is located here.

Higher Education Account Managers

We continue to accept requests for Desk and Exam copies through our website – please click here to access the order form.

We are pleased to introduce you to the Penguin Random House Higher Education Account Managers. This team is focused solely on our Higher Ed Accounts, with each manager servicing a specific region of the United States. Account Managers are able to assist with content recommendations for a specific course, First Year Experience and Common Reading Program support, and all other needs related to course materials.  


To learn who your Account Manager is, find your state listed below.


WEST – Matt Makin,



MIDWEST – Cheryl Westberg,



NORTHEAST – Pamela Kumpar,



SOUTHEAST – Chad Barton,


Purchasing Penguin Random House Titles for Course Adoption

Place book orders for course adoptions through your institution’s bookstore.

Penguin Random House is partnered with Bookshare, a non-profit organization that makes our books accessible to persons with qualifying print disabilities. This service is protected under 17 U.S.C. § 121 of the U.S. Copyright Act to provide copyrighted materials in specialized formats to people with qualifying disabilities. A qualifying disability is a disability with a physical basis that affects one’s ability to read standard print. These disabilities included severe learning disabilities that affect ready, visual impairments (including blindness), and other physical disabilities.

Bookshare makes its services available, free of charge, to all qualifying students in the United States through an award from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). The organization provides texts in the DAISY file format (Digital Accessible Information System). Readers access texts on PC screens using special reading software that is free for download on Bookshare’s website. Readers can also download files to a variety of special reading devises that turn the DAISY file into synthetic speech and in some cases display the text. Additionally, Bookshare can supply a digital Braille file that members can read on a digital Braille machine or send to a Braile embosser to have printed out.

Bookshare has over 100,000 members, 100,000 books in their library and more than 130 partnerships with publishers. If Bookshare does not currently have files for the book in question, please contact Bookshare directly and they will work to get these files uploaded for you. Bookshare is responsible for providing alternative formats for all our texts, and these files are not available through Random House directly.

For more information on Bookshare or to sign up for membership, please visit

All published material by Penguin Random House and its divisions is protected under copyright law. Written permission is required from the publisher if you wish to reproduce any of our material.

All requests directed to Penguin Random House must be made in writing, by mail or by fax. It is not our policy to grant permissions verbally, neither is it our policy to accept permission requests via e-mail. In addition, no requests are handled on a rush basis.

If you wish to photocopy material for academic use, please contact:

Copyright Clearance Center

222 Rosewood Drive

Danvers, MA 01923

Phone: (978) 750-8400

Fax: (978) 750-4470


Reviewer's Copies, Specific Title Inquiries, and Donations

To request reviewers’ copies (other than for course consideration), please send an e-mail to the appropriate imprint’s address below:

Ballantine Bantam Dell Books


Children’s Publishing


Crown Publishing Group


Doubleday and Nan A. Talese


Alfred A. Knopf



Random House Audio Publishing Group

Random House Reference and Information Publishing

1745 Broadway, 15-3

New York, NY 10019

Random House, Villard, Random House Trade Paperbacks, Modern Library

Vintage Books and Anchor Books

Random House Publisher Services

Regarding publicity requests for RHPS titles, please contact the publisher directly.

Penguin Random House considers book donation requests from non-profit organizations specifically involved in literacy programs for underprivileged children and adults. Our specific criteria are listed below.

  1. Requestor must be a 501-C3 non-profit organization whose mission is specific to literacy.
  2. Books should go right in to the hands of “needy” readers. Needy defined as at-risk and/or underprivileged adults or youth. We do not provide books for raffles, gift baskets or goody bags.
  3. Requests that meet these criteria must also be located in one of the following cities in which our companies are located: New York City, NY; Westminster, MD; Crawfordsville, Indiana; Waterbrook, Colorado; Shelton, CT; and Santa Ana and Roseville, CA.
  4. As most schools and libraries are Penguin Random House customers, book donations cannot be made to public or private schools for general use.

Eligible requests must include documentation of non-profit status and can be faxed to Veronica Valerio, Penguin Random House Corporate Giving, 212-940-7590, or emailed to

If you have a question related to a specific title, please see our list of imprints below to determine the correct group to contact.


Alfred A. Knopf, Doubleday, Nan A. Talese, Vintage, Anchor, Pantheon, Schocken, or Everyman’s Library

Please contact:

Knopf Doubleday Academic Services

1745 Broadway, 12-1

New York, NY 10019

Phone: (212) 572-2444


THE CROWN PUBLISHING GROUP: Crown Publishing Group, Amphoto Books, Back Stage Books, Billboard Books, Broadway Books, Clarkson Potter, Crown, Crown Archetype, Crown Business, Crown Forum, Doubleday Religion, Harmony Books, Image Books, Potter Craft, Potter Style, Ten Speed Press, Three Rivers Press, Waterbrook Multnomah, Watson-Guptill

THE RANDOM HOUSE PUBLISHING GROUP: Ballantine, Bantam, Del Rey, Delacorte, Dell, Delta, Dial Press, Modern Library, One World, Presidio, Random House, Spiegel and Grau, Villard

THE RANDOM HOUSE DIGITAL GROUP: Books on Tape, Fodor’s Travel, Living Language, Listening Library, Random House Audio, RH Large Print



RANDOM HOUSE PUBLISHER SERVICES: Archie Comics, Beacon Press, Charlesbridge, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Egmont USA, Hatherleigh Press, Kensington, Kodansha, Kuperard, Melville House, Monacelli Press, National Geographic, New York Review Books, North Atlantic Books, Osprey Publishing, Other Press, powerHouse Books, Prometheus Books, Quirk Books, Random House Canada, Random House UK, Rizzoli Books, Sasquatch, Seven Stories Press, Shambhala, Smithsonian Books, Soho Press, Steerforth Press, Titan Books, Tundra Books, Verso, Vertigo, Welcome Books, and Wizards Of The Coast.

Please contact:

Random House Academic Resources

1745 Broadway, 3-1

New York, NY 10019

Phone: (212) 782-8482



It’s easy to build a customized list of titles leveraging the Wish List feature.

Tap the heart next to any book you wish to order. It fills in when you’ve added that book to your Wish List. (Tap it again if you wish to remove it from your Wish List.)

Visit your Wish List before you leave the site to download your collection of books. You can then email this collection to yourself or to a colleague. Note: depending on your computer preferences (i.e. you need to allow cookies), your Wish List may not be available the next time you visit the site so please do download your Wish List before you leave. Also, the download functionality may be impacted by the browser you’re using; in our tests, we noted that Chrome seems to work best with both Excel and PDF downloads. If you’re using Firefox, please “save” the Excel grid to your desktop before you open it.

The Wish List is not intended to replace ordering desk and exam copies online – rather it’s a tool to assist you in doing research into titles and/or creating customized lists which you can save and share with colleagues.


If you have a collection of titles in a web catalog that you would like to export and save for your records or for emailing to colleagues, the site supports this.

In the upper right hand corner of each web catalog page you will see a button that upon click will give you 2 different options for download:

  • Download Order Form: By selecting this option you can download an Excel version of this web catalog. Be aware that this feature is capped at 900 titles.
  • Download Collection: By selecting this option you can download a PDF version of this web catalog. Be aware that this feature is capped at 450 titles. Also, the greater the number of titles, the longer time required for the download.

The current maximum number of titles for each format is due the fact that larger lists don’t download properly.


We built out 4-across format list in PDF as we thought that format was the best combination of legibility and efficiency. That said, please let us know if you’re eager to get the 1-column or 6-column views as pdf downloads. If there is support for that kind of download formatting we’re happy to explore it more. Please let us know your preference and how you might use the new format download at



There are several paths to the category or theme you want:

Choose from the disciplines in the drop-down menu that you access by clicking on Browse By Discipline in the top left of the navigation.

Or click on Browse all …. in the drop-down menu to find the complete index of disciplines, sub-disciplines and course in the respective category you choose from. Try the type-ahead browse bar on top of the list to quickly find what you are looking for.

Or select the appropriate category from the homepage.

Once in a discipline, filter down to the sub-discipline or course that best matches what you’re looking for. Why is filtering important? Filtering will help guide you to the most appropriate titles for what you are looking for.

General note: in all filters, you need to click the Apply box at the bottom of the filter box to activate your choice. And you may have to scroll down the page to find and click on the Apply button if the filter has a lot of choices.