Do You Teach Engineering?

By Coll Rowe | March 4 2024 | Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

You can search for books across this discipline through our course lists, which cover Bioengineering, Building and Technical Trades, Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computing Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and more.


What Can a Body Do? book coverThe Coming Wave book coverTo Be a Machine book coverCRISPR People book cover

Building and Technical Trades

Paved Paradise book coverBuilding book coverAge of Auto Electric book cover

Chemical Engineering

Hacking Planet Earth Nuclear Choices for the 21st Century book coverBook cover for How to Avoid A Climate Disasterbook cover for Ice

Civil and Environmental Engineering

How Infrastructure Works book coverSuperman's Not Coming book coverLoving's Love book cover

Electrical and Computing Engineering

How to Speak Machine book coverUnmasking AI book coverDeep Learning

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

A City on Mars book coverThe Robots Are Coming! book coverElectric Universe book coverBuilt on Sand book cover

Industrial Engineering

Optimal Illusions book coverThe Fourth Industrial Revolution book coveriBauhaus book coverThe Resistance Dilemma book over