Books for Caribbean American Heritage Month

By Coll Rowe | June 4 2024 | HistorySociologyLiterature

In celebration of Caribbean American Heritage Month in June, we are sharing a list of books by Caribbean American and Caribbean authors that includes fiction, memoir, non-fiction, and history.

Black American Refugee
Escaping the Narcissism of the American Dream

After following her mother to the US at a young age to pursue economic opportunities, one woman must come to terms with the ways in which systematic racism and resultant trauma keep the American Dream inaccessible to Black people.

$26.00 US
Feb 15, 2022
304 Pages

When We Were Birds
A Novel

When We Were Birds is a mythic love story set in Trinidad, Ayanna Lloyd Banwo’s radiant debut is a masterwork of lush imagination and exuberant storytelling—a spellbinding and hopeful novel about inheritance, loss, and love’s seismic power to heal.

$17.00 US
Feb 14, 2023
304 Pages

Dreaming in Cuban
Here is the dreamy and bittersweet story of a family divided by politics and geography by the Cuban revolution. It is the family story of Celia del Pino, and her husband, daughter and grandchildren, from the mid-1930s to 1980. Celia’s story mirrors the magical realism of Cuba itself, a country of beauty and poverty, idealism and corruption. Dreaming in Cuban presents a unique vision and a haunting lamentation for a past that might have been.
$18.00 US
Feb 10, 1993
272 Pages
Ballantine Books


An extraordinary coming-of-age story of a young woman finding her voice in the world, now in a Spanish language edition.

$18.95 US
Jun 15, 2021
400 Pages
Siete Cuentos

The Cubans
Ordinary Lives in Extraordinary Times
Modern Cuba comes alive in a vibrant portrait of a group of families's varied journeys in one community over the last twenty years.
$18.00 US
May 25, 2021
368 Pages
Penguin Books

Breath, Eyes, Memory

A passionate journey through a landscape charged with the supernatural and scarred by political violence, in a novel that bears witness to the traditions, suffering, and wisdom of an entire people.

Jul 01, 2003
288 Pages
Soho Press

Finding Manana
A Memoir of a Cuban Exodus
Finding Mañana is a vibrant, moving memoir of one family’s life in Cuba and their wrenching departure.
$17.00 US
Apr 04, 2006
320 Pages
Penguin Books

Island People
The Caribbean and the World
This masterwork of travel literature and history provides a kaleidoscopic portrait of the Caribbean and illuminates its fierce grip on the world's imagination.
$20.00 US
Nov 28, 2017
512 Pages

The Farming of Bones

Already acknowledged as a classic, this harrowing story of love and survival—from one of the most important voices of her generation—is an unforgettable memorial to the victims of the Parsley Massacre and a testimony to the power of human memory.

$17.00 US
May 07, 2013
336 Pages
Soho Press

Krik? Krak!

Examining the lives of ordinary Haitians, particularly those struggling to survive under the brutal Duvalier regime, Danticat illuminates the distance between people’s desires and the stifling reality of their lives.

$17.00 US
Dec 15, 2015
264 Pages
Soho Press

Brother, I'm Dying
National Book Award Finalist

From the age of four, writer Edwidge Danticat came to think of her uncle Joseph as her “second father,” when she was placed in his care after her parents left Haiti for America. And so she was both elated and saddened when, at twelve, she joined her parents and youngest brothers in New York City. As Edwidge made a life in a new country, adjusting to being far away from so many who she loved, she and her family continued to fear for the safety of those still in Haiti as the political situation deteriorated.

$17.00 US
Sep 09, 2008
288 Pages