New History Titles from Penguin Random House

By Luis Diaz | March 7 2024 | General

Browse these new and notable titles for use in your History courses. To request complimentary exam copies for course-use consideration, click here.

American Woman
The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden

The first definitive exploration of the role of the twenty-first century First Lady, painting a comprehensive portrait of Jill Biden and the evolution of the First Lady’s role from ceremonial figurehead to political operative—from a White House correspondent for The New York Times.

$30.00 US
Feb 27, 2024
304 Pages

The Politics of Fear
The Peculiar Persistence of American Paranoia

From the author of Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies, a probing exploration of the bizarre and dangerous conspiracies that have roiled America over the past decade and captured the minds of so many Americans.

$19.00 US
Mar 05, 2024
304 Pages

The Black Box
Writing the Race
A magnificent, foundational reckoning with how Black Americans have used the written word to define and redefine themselves, in resistance to the lies of racism and often in heated disagreement with each other, over the course of the country’s history.
$30.00 US
Mar 19, 2024
304 Pages
Penguin Press

On Gold Hill
A Personal History of Wheat, Farming, and Family, from Punjab to California

A young South Asian American woman’s story of reconnecting with her identity, family, and heritage through sustainable farming.

$28.95 US
Mar 26, 2024
336 Pages
Beacon Press

The Great Wave
The Era of Radical Disruption and the Rise of the Outsider

An urgent examination of how disruptive politics, technology, and art are capsizing old assumptions in a great wave of change breaking over today’s world, creating both opportunity and peril—from the Pulitzer Prize–winning critic and author of the New York Times bestseller The Death of Truth.

$30.00 US
Feb 20, 2024
256 Pages

Charlie Hustle
The Rise and Fall of Pete Rose, and the Last Glory Days of Baseball

A captivating chronicle of the incredible story of one of America’s most iconic, charismatic, and still polarizing figures—baseball immortal Pete Rose—and an exquisite cultural history of baseball and America in the second half of the twentieth century.

$35.00 US
Mar 26, 2024
464 Pages

Humanly Possible
Seven Hundred Years of Humanist Freethinking, Inquiry, and Hope
The bestselling author of How to Live and At the Existentialist Café explores seven hundred years of writers, thinkers, scientists, and artists, all trying to understand what it means to be truly human.
$20.00 US
Mar 26, 2024
464 Pages
Penguin Books

Chaos in the Heavens
The Forgotten History of Climate Change

In Chaos in the Heavens, Jean-Baptiste Fressoz and Fabien Locher show that we have been thinking about and debating the consequences of our actions upon the environment for centuries.

$34.95 US
Mar 12, 2024
288 Pages