Do You Teach Women’s and Gender Studies?

By Coll Rowe | December 4 2023 | Women's and Gender Studies

You can search for books across this discipline through our course lists, which cover Introduction to Women’s Studies, Introduction to Gender Studies, Race, Class, Gender, Gender and Violence, Sociology of Women, Women and Health, and more.


Introduction to Women’s Studies

The Women's Suffrage Movement book coverThe Essential Feminist Reader book coverOriginal Sisters book coverTHE YEARS book cover

Introduction to Gender Studies

 Lady Justice book coverEntitled book coverGender and Our Brains book coverRETHINKING GENDER book cover

Race, Class, Gender

 Flawless book cover Sister Outsider book cover Black Is The Body book coverThe Racism of People Who Love You book cover

Gender and Violence

 Believing book coverThe Last Girl book coverPush book coverTOMORROW SEX WILL BE GOOD AGAIN book cover

Sociology of Women

  The Underground Girls of Kabul book coverWomen's Work Mother Tongue book coverIn Our Shoes book cover

Women and Health

  The Story of Jane book coverUnwell Women book coverWANTING book coverThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks book cover