Books in Support of Trans People on Transgender Day of Visibility

By Coll Rowe | March 29 2023 | Gender and Sexuality Studies

Penguin Random House Education is pleased to share a curated collection of our titles by and about transgender people to mark the occasion of International Transgender Day of Visibility. By highlighting our trans authors and the lives of trans people, we hope to celebrate their contributions to society and raise awareness about the discrimination that they currently face. These titles will help educate your students on how to create a world where transgender people are welcomed and supported.

Diary of a Misfit
A Memoir and a Mystery
Part memoir, part investigative reporting, Diary of a Misfit is a sweeping journalistic saga about sexuality and gender, family trauma, and the redemptive force of love.
$29.00 US
Aug 30, 2022
368 Pages

Becoming Nicole
The inspiring story of transgender actor-activist Nicole Maines and her extraordinary family
The inspiring true story of transgender actor and activist Nicole Maines, whose identical twin brother, Jonas, and ordinary American family join her on an extraordinary journey to understand, nurture, and celebrate the uniqueness in us all.
$19.00 US
Jun 07, 2016
320 Pages
Random House Trade Paperbacks

Dear Senthuran
A Black Spirit Memoir
A full-throated and provocative memoir in letters from the New York Times bestselling author, “a dazzling literary talent whose works cut to the quick of the spiritual self” (Esquire)
$16.00 US
Jun 07, 2022
240 Pages
Riverhead Books

Gender Outlaw
On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us
“I know I’m not a man . . . and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m probably not a woman, either. . . . . The trouble is, we’re living in a world that insists we be one or the other.” With these words, Kate Bornstein ushers readers on a funny, fearless, and wonderfully scenic journey across the terrains of gender and identity.
$18.00 US
Nov 15, 2016
320 Pages

All the Flowers Kneeling
“Paul Tran’s debut collection of poems is indelible, this remarkable voice transforming itself as you read, eventually transforming you.” —Alexander Chee, author of How to Write an Autobiographical Novel
$18.00 US
Feb 15, 2022
112 Pages
Penguin Books

She's Not There
A Life in Two Genders
She’s Not There is the unconventional memoir of a person who changes genders, a portrait of a loving marriage that withstands a radical change, and a revealing look at society’s folly in over-emphazing the importance of fixed gender roles.
$20.00 US
Apr 30, 2013
352 Pages

Transgender Men and the Remaking of Identity
Unbound is an intimate portrait of a new generation of transmasculine individuals as they undergo gender transitions.
$16.95 US
May 14, 2019
352 Pages

A Memoir
"Talusan sails past the conventions of trans and immigrant memoirs." —The New York Times Book Review
$18.00 US
Jun 08, 2021
320 Pages
Penguin Books