Restorative ocean farmer Bren Smith discusses the future of food through creating a sustainable environment

By Coll Rowe | May 1 2020 | Science, Technology, Engineering & MathematicsEnvironmental Science

Bren Smith, author of Eat Like a Fish: My Adventures Farming the Ocean to Fight Climate Change and Executive Director of Greenwave gives an inside view of the process of ocean farming and its potential to save the planet in two informative videos.

In “This Incredible underwater farm could be the future of food” produced by Pioneers for Our Planet Bren Smith describes his experience as a commercial fisherman that convinced him the earth needed saving and his vision of making ocean farming a widespread phenomenon.


In the second video, “Regenerative Ocean Farming” produced by NOAA Oceans Today, Smith speaks about the benefits of ocean farming and preparing ocean crops as nutritional and delicious meals. He demonstrates the steps to maintain his vertical ocean farm, which requires no fresh water, fertilizer, or feed.


Eat Like a Fish

Winner of the James Beard Foundation Book Award for Writing

A genre-defining “climate memoir,” Eat Like a Fish interweaves Smith’s own life—from sailing the high seas aboard commercial fishing trawlers to developing new forms of ocean farming to surfing the frontiers of the food movement—with actionable food policy and practical advice on ocean farming. Written with the humor and swagger of a fisherman telling a late-night tale, it is a powerful story of environmental renewal, and a must-read guide to saving our oceans, feeding the world, and—by creating new jobs up and down the coasts—putting working class Americans back to work.

“A perfect balance between personal storytelling and blueprint for a new way to
harvest our seas that can create meaningful jobs while simultaneously combatting
climate change.” —

“Where do you go when you’re searching for an antidote to paralyzing stories of
environmental despair and catastrophe? All too often, the hopeful alternative proposals
in popular environmental studies books ask their readers to believe in a world that
quickly stretches the bounds of credibility, where new green technologies work perfectly
as they scale up, or political differences and histories of injustice are swept away with the
dawn of a shared universal eco-consciousness. Bren’s book doesn’t do this. It keeps all
the mess and trouble out in the open. . . . A story of ecological redemption that’s actually
believable. In
Eat Like a Fish, things don’t go according to plan, stuff breaks, people are
jerks—and yet, through it all, Bren and friends keep going, not driven by naive optimism or
messianic promises, but by the repeated application of practical, place-based experience.”
—Mark Bomford Director, Yale Sustainable Food Program

“Smith is an articulate, very human ambassador for sustainable, ethical and environmentally
beneficial mariculture, weaving his plea for changing the way we eat with solid proof of why it’s
so necessary. He includes a global history here as well, spanning coastal cultures from China
and Japan to Scotland and Atlantic Canada, all rich with best practices and viable traditions. . . .
If this new age of ‘climate cuisine’ needs an introduction,
Eat Like a Fish is surely it.” —BookPage

More About Bren Smith

Eat Like a Fish
My Adventures Farming the Ocean to Fight Climate Change
In the face of apocalyptic climate change, a former fisherman shares a bold and hopeful new vision for saving the planet: farming the ocean. Here Bren Smith—pioneer of regenerative ocean agriculture—introduces the world to a groundbreaking solution to the global climate crisis.
$17.95 US
Mar 27, 2020
320 Pages