New Political Science Titles from Penguin Random House

By Spenser Stevens | March 7 2024 | General

Browse these new and notable titles for use in your Political Science courses. To request complimentary exam copies for course-use consideration, click here. 

Means of Control
How the Hidden Alliance of Tech and Government Is Creating a New American Surveillance State

A sweeping exposé of the U.S. government’s alliance with data brokers, tech companies, and advertisers, and how their efforts are reshaping surveillance and privacy as we know it.

$32.00 US
Feb 27, 2024
400 Pages

The Politics of Fear
The Peculiar Persistence of American Paranoia

From the author of Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies, a probing exploration of the bizarre and dangerous conspiracies that have roiled America over the past decade and captured the minds of so many Americans.

$19.00 US
Mar 05, 2024
304 Pages

Soldiers and Kings
Survival and Hope in the World of Human Smuggling

An intense, intimate and first-of-its-kind look at the world of human smuggling in Latin America, by a MacArthur “genius” grant winner and anthropologist with unprecedented access.

$32.00 US
Mar 19, 2024
400 Pages

The New Fire
War, Peace, and Democracy in the Age of AI

As AI policy experts Ben Buchanan and Andrew Imbrie show in The New Fire, few choices are more urgent—or more fascinating—than how we harness this technology and for what purpose.

$27.95 US
Mar 05, 2024
344 Pages
The MIT Press

The Past, Present, and Future of a World-Changing Idea

From renowned organizers and activists Leah Hunt-Hendrix and Astra Taylor, comes the first in-depth examination of Solidarity—not just as a rallying cry, but as potent political movement with potential to effect lasting change.

$30.00 US
Mar 12, 2024
432 Pages

The Return of Great Powers
Russia, China, and the Next World War

The essential new book by CNN anchor and chief national security analyst Jim Sciutto, identifying a new, more uncertain global order with reporting on the frontlines of power from existing wars to looming ones across the globe.

$30.00 US
Mar 12, 2024
368 Pages

Exurbia Now
The Battleground of American Democracy

Combining interviews, research, and anecdote—and anchored in personal experience—Exurbia Now  delivers a powerful ballad on the state of small-town America, and  provides a sense of the fight for democracy, on the ground, in the heartland.

$28.99 US
Apr 02, 2024
288 Pages
Melville House

The Price is Wrong
Why Capitalism Won't Save the Planet

We cannot expect markets and the private sector to solve the climate crisis while the profits that are their lifeblood remain unappetizing. But there is an alternative to providing surrogate green profits through subsidies: to take energy out of the private sector’s hands.

$29.95 US
Mar 12, 2024
432 Pages