Watch Peter Atwater discuss his book The Confidence Map

By Spenser Stevens | February 12 2024 | General

In The Confidence Map, Peter Atwater explores the hidden role of confidence in the choices we make, and why events described as being unprecedented are often entirely predictable—if we know what to look for.


Peter Atwater is an Adjunct Professor of Economics at William and Mary, and President of Financial Insyghts, a consulting firm that advises institutional investors, FORTUNE 500 executives, and global policymakers on how social mood affects decision making, the economy, and the markets. A pioneer in securitization and a long-time financial services executive, Peter’s work on social mood and decision-making has been featured in The SocionomistTime Magazine, and The Financial Times.

The Confidence Map
Charting a Path from Chaos to Clarity
A groundbreaking framework for making better decisions by understanding – and mastering – confidence.
$30.00 US
Jul 25, 2023
336 Pages