New Gender Studies Titles from Penguin Random House

By Luis Diaz | February 8 2024 | General

Browse these new and notable titles for use in your Gender Studies courses. To request complimentary exam copies for course-use consideration, click here.

I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together
A Memoir
An astonishing, epic graphic memoir in the spirit of Fun Home by Alison Bechdel and Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe.
$35.00 US
Feb 27, 2024
496 Pages

The Need for Roots
Prelude to a Declaration of Obligations Towards the Human Being

French philosopher Simone Weil’s best known work that promotes mindful living and instructs readers how they can once again feel rooted, in a cultural and spiritual sense, to their environment.

$18.00 US
Feb 13, 2024
288 Pages
Penguin Classics

Hijab Butch Blues
A Memoir
A queer hijabi Muslim immigrant survives her coming-of-age by drawing strength and hope from stories in the Quran in this “raw and relatable memoir that challenges societal norms and expectations” (Linah Mohammad, NPR).
$18.00 US
Feb 06, 2024
336 Pages
Dial Press Trade Paperback

The Patriarchs
The Origins of Inequality
For fans of Sapiens and The Dawn of Everything, a groundbreaking exploration of gendered oppression—its origins, its histories, our attempts to understand it, and our efforts to combat it.
$17.95 US
Feb 27, 2024
256 Pages
Beacon Press

I Heard Her Call My Name
A Memoir of Transition
An iconic writer’s lapidary memoir of a life spent pursuing a dream of artistic truth while evading the truth of her own gender identity, until, finally, she turned to face who she really was.
$27.00 US
Feb 13, 2024
240 Pages
Penguin Press

Burn It Down!
Feminist Manifestos for the Revolution

The most comprehensive collection of feminist manifestos, chronicling our rage and dreams from the nineteenth century to today.

$24.95 US
Feb 27, 2024
528 Pages

American Woman
The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden
The first definitive exploration of the role of the twenty-first century First Lady, painting a comprehensive portrait of Jill Biden and the evolution of the First Lady’s role from ceremonial figurehead to political operative—from a White House correspondent for The New York Times.
$30.00 US
Feb 27, 2024
304 Pages

If Love Could Kill
The Myths and Truths of Women Who Commit Violence
A groundbreaking work by an internationally acclaimed forensic psychotherapist that looks at women who commit extreme acts of violence and cruelty and at the underlying oppression and abuse often at the heart of these crimes.
$30.00 US
Feb 06, 2024
272 Pages