Titles for World Environment Day

By Colleen Rowe | June 4 2021 | Environmental Science

For World Environment Day, we are providing resources to help students gain an awareness of the varying threats to the environment. Through this understanding, we hope to give them the tools to take action to help protect the planet.


Finding the Mother Tree

From the world’s leading forest ecologist who forever changed how people view trees and their connections to one another and to other living things in the forest—Finding the Mother Tree is a moving, deeply personal journey of discovery.



Drawdown includes the 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming, based on meticulous research by leading scientists and policymakers around the world.


Under a White Sky

In Under a White Sky, Elizabeth Kolbert takes a hard look at the new world we are creating. Elizabeth Kolbert examines how the very sorts of interventions that have imperiled our planet are increasingly seen as the only hope for its salvation.


The Story of More

At once an explaination on the mechanisms of global change and a lively, personal narrative given to us in Hope Jahren’s inimitable voice, The Story of More is the essential pocket primer on climate change.


The Global Warming Reader

This volume edited by Bill McKibben is a comprehensive resource that includes writing from Van Jones, Al Gore, Elizabeth Kolbert, Naomi Klein, and other essential voices on global warming, from its 19th-century discovery to the present.


All We Can Save

This is a collection of illuminating essays that make the case that women are on the front lines of climate change—as those most at risk, and those most likely to solve it.


Under the Sky We Make

In this hopeful, clear-eyed guide, Kimberly Nicholas argues that saving ourselves from climate apocalypse will require radical shifts within each of us, to effect real change in our society and culture.


How to Avoid a Climate Disaster 

In this urgent, authoritative book, Bill Gates sets out a wide-ranging, practical—and accessible—plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid a climate catastrophe.


The Uninhabitable Earth

This is both a travelogue of the near future and a meditation on how that future will look to those living through it—the ways that warming promises to transform global politics, the meaning of technology and nature in the modern world, the sustainability of capitalism and the trajectory of human progress.


The Climate Diet 

With The Climate Diet, Paul Greenberg offers a practical, accessible guide that contains fifty achievable steps we can take to live our daily lives in a way that’s friendlier to the planet—from what we eat, how we live at home, how we travel, and how we lobby businesses and elected officials to do the right thing.


Rescuing the Planet

Here is an urgent, resounding call to protect half the Earth’s land—and thereby millions of its species—by 2050, that gives us the tools to think big about the planet and our role in conserving it.


The Waste-Free World

Ron Gonen explains how the next revolution in business will provide for a sustainable future and provides information about companies that foster innovation, investors recognize long term value creation, and consumers can align their values with the products they buy.


The Loneliest Polar Bear

Kale Williams gives the heartbreaking and ultimately hopeful story of an abandoned polar bear cub named Nora and the humans working tirelessly to save her and her species, whose uncertain future in the accelerating climate crisis is closely tied to our own.


Find our full collection of Environmental Science books here.

The Story of More
How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here
Hope Jahren is an award-winning scientist, a brilliant writer, a passionate teacher, and one of the seven billion people with whom we share this earth. In The Story of More, she illuminates the link between human habits and our imperiled planet. In concise, highly readable chapters, she takes us through the science behind the key inventions—from electric power to large-scale farming to automobiles—that, even as they help us, release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere like never before. She explains the current and projected consequences of global warming—from superstorms to rising sea levels—and the actions that we all can take to fight back. At once an explainer on the mechanisms of global change and a lively, personal narrative given to us in Jahren’s inimitable voice, The Story of More is the essential pocket primer on climate change that will leave an indelible impact on everyone who reads it.
$16.00 US
Mar 03, 2020
224 Pages

The Global Warming Reader
A Century of Writing About Climate Change
Van Jones, Al Gore, Elizabeth Kolbert, Naomi Klein, and other essential voices on global warming, from its 19th-century discovery to the present, in a volume edited by Bill McKibben, our most widely respected environmental writerWith the rise of extreme weather events worldwide--witness the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Sandy, Irene, and Katrina, and the sustained drought across the American West--global warming has become increasingly difficult to deny.What is happening to our planet? And what can we do about it? The Global Warming Reader provides more than thirty-five answers to these burning questions, from more than one hundred years of engagement with the topic. Here is Elizabeth Kolbert's groundbreaking essay "The Darkening Sea," Michael Crichton's skeptical view of climate change, George Monbiot's biting indictment of those who are really using up the planet's resources, NASA scientist James Hansen's testimony before the U.S. Congress, and clarion calls for action by Al Gore, Arundhati Roy, Naomi Klein, Van Jones, and many others. The Global Warming Reader is a comprehensive resource, expertly edited by someone who lives and breathes this defining issue of our time.
$20.00 US
Mar 27, 2012
432 Pages
Penguin Books

Under the Sky We Make
How to Be Human in a Warming World
** Los Angeles Times bestseller **It's warming. It's us. We're sure. It's bad. But we can fix it.
$18.00 US
Mar 23, 2021
336 Pages
G.P. Putnam's Sons

The Climate Diet
50 Simple Ways to Trim Your Carbon Footprint
A celebrated writer on food and sustainability offers fifty straightforward, impactful rules for climate-friendly living"Some strong and rational suggestions for reducing your personal impact here--and when you're eating smart, you'll have the energy to do the movement building we need to change systems too! This book integrates the individual and the societal in a powerful way."--Bill McKibben
$13.00 US
Apr 13, 2021
176 Pages
Penguin Books

The Waste-Free World
How the Circular Economy Will Take Less, Make More, and Save the Planet
How the next revolution in business will provide for a sustainable future. From founder, CEO and circular economy expert Ron Gonen. 
$27.00 US
Apr 06, 2021
288 Pages

The Loneliest Polar Bear
A True Story of Survival and Peril on the Edge of a Warming World
Selected for common reading at Onondaga Community College
$28.00 US
Mar 23, 2021
288 Pages