Unlock the Key to Empowering Teams in Work That Counts: Breaking Down the Barriers to Extraordinary Results

By Suma Gangasani | May 24 2021 | Business & Economics

One of Silicon Valley’s top leadership trainers distills his proven framework that has empowered teams at the world’s most innovative companies—from Google and Facebook to Cisco Systems and biotech giant Genentech/Roche—to do the best work of their lives.



Richard Lee has worked with thousands of ambitious leaders and their teams, and has found that they all share the same frustration. Whether it’s because of communication breakdowns or increasing complexity, people at every level of an organization feel like their results fall short of their expectations—even though they are putting in a lot of effort. The framework outlined in Work That Counts draws on examples from teams he has worked with at the world’s most cutting edge, disruptive companies, and provides practical solutions to the problems that hold people back in nearly every organization. Work That Counts is a commonsense yet groundbreaking guide, filled with assessments and real-world examples that will empower organizations to make the most of their people and become more than the sum of their parts.


“The concepts and message in Work That Counts are spot on! Richard nails what is required to drive healthy change and performance in organizations of all sizes. This book is a great resource for top leaders and their teams.” —John Donahoe, CEO, Nike; former CEO, eBay, Bain & Company, and ServiceNow


“In Richard’s inimitable way, Work That Counts walks the reader through the theory and practice of helping people work together efficiently and effectively. Everyone working in a team environment (that is, all of us!) can now take concrete steps to make both themselves and those around them more productive and more effective.” —Benjamin Treynor Sloss, Engineering Vice President, Google


For more information about Richard Lee’s new book, Work That Counts: Breaking Down the Barriers to Extraordinary Results, check out the video below: