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Jenn M. Jackson

Jenn M. Jackson, PhD, is an award-winning professor of political science at Syracuse University and a columnist for Teen Vogue, where they write the popular “Speak On It” column that “explores how today’s social and political life is influenced by generations of racial and gender (dis)order.” A queer genderflux androgynous Black woman, Jackson primary research is in Black Politics with a focus on Black Feminism, racial trauma and threat, gender and sexuality, and social movements. Black Women Taught Us is their first book.


Books for Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month in March, we are sharing books by women who have shaped history and have fought for their communities. Our list includes books about women who fought for racial justice, abortion rights, disability justice, equality in the workplace, and more, with insight on their remarkable lives that inspired others to

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Books for Black History Month

Join Penguin Random House Education in celebrating the contributions of Black authors, creators, and educators. In honor of Black History Month in February, we are highlighting stories about the history of Black America, the experiences of Black women, celebrations of Black music, and essential books by Black writers. Find more books from Penguin Random House:

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Revealing a Black Feminist History Long Erased — A Message from Author Jenn M. Jackson, PhD

Contributed by Jenn M. Jackson, PhD, author of Black Women Taught Us: An Intimate History of Black Feminism and an award-winning professor of political science at Syracuse University. I’ll never forget the way it felt when I first learned that there was no Black Feminist History course offered at my undergraduate university. This elite institution

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