New Perspectives in American History

from the Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group


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Heirs of the Founders

The Epic Rivalry of Henry Clay, John Calhoun and Daniel Webster, the Second Generation of American Giants

by H. W. Brands

New in Hardcover

From bestselling historian H. W. Brands comes the riveting story of how America’s second generation of political giants—Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and John Calhoun—battled to complete the unfinished work of the Founding Fathers and shaped our democracy.





An Extraordinary Life in Extraordinary Times

by Kenneth Whyte

Now in Paperback

“To understand Hoover’s life, career, and his legacy in full, this rich new biography will certainly prove indispensable.” —David Frum, The Atlantic

“An exemplary biography— exhaustively researched, fair-minded and easy to read.” —The Wall Street Journal





The Friendly Orange Glow

The Untold Story of the Rise of Cyberculture

by Brian Dear

Now in Paperback

“I loved this deep unknown history. An incredible tale of a rag-tag team of students inventing key technologies. . . . Your mind will be blown.” —Kevin Kelly, Senior Maverick for Wired Magazine and author of The Inevitable






American Dialogue

The Founders and Us

 by Joseph J. Ellis

New in Hardcover

“[Ellis] draws connections between our history and our present reality with an authority that few other authors can muster.” —The NewYork Times Book Review

“An exploration of our values that is both timely and timeless.” —Walter Isaacson, author of Leonardo Da Vinci




American Sanctuary

Mutiny, Martyrdom, and National Identity in the Age of Revolution

by A. Roger Ekirch

Now in Paperback

“Impressive. . . . Dramatic. . . . A good, readable story in the mode of Nathaniel Philbrick’s nautical histories.” —Thomas E. Ricks, The New York Times
Book Review

“Deeply researched and elegantly written. . . . Gripping and timely. . . . Ekirch is such a masterful storyteller.”—Kathleen DuVal, The Wall Street Journal



Young Benjamin Franklin

The Birth of Ingenuity

by Nick Bunker

New in Hardcover

From Pulitzer Prize finalist Nick Bunker, a penetrating new account of the early life of Benjamin Franklin—a complex, driven young man who elbows his way to success.

“The Franklin that emerges here . . . is more dynamic and real than his homespun alias Poor Richard ever could be.” —The Wall Street Journal